Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Avedon at Eschaton reads the entrails


"One reason I don't think it's at all paranoid to suspect that the Republicans have deliberately taken over the voting system in order to cheat is that they keep doing things that don't otherwise make sense. . . .Conservatives have made good use of the filibuster over the years, on judicial nominations and a lot of other things. Are they absolutely certain no one will wake up and get rid of them? Or are they just sure that how we vote isn't going to matter?"

There is a part of me that says, maybe Bush has "won" two elections in a row by means more foul than fair. Maybe, he is gunning to appoint extreme right-wing justices to the Supreme Court.

The Stirling Newbery thesis would be that 2004 was a watershed election, that everything in American politics will flow from this foundation for the next 35 years. So, around about the time Social Security is "going bankrupt" in 2040, progressives/liberals may make a comeback.

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