Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kevin Drum points to an interesting tidbit in a typically snarky, insight-free New Republic article by Eve Fairbanks:

"The impression that we are, by now, witnessing the unfolding of one giant, undifferentiated scandal is compounded by the sense that this is some kind of watershed moment: The U.S. attorneys affair unleashed last Thursday's complaint that Bush partisans meddled with a Justice Department tobacco prosecution, which unleashed Monday's accusation that the General Services Administration was misused for political ends, and on and on."

Kind of the scandal-equivalent of an artic whiteout?

Actually, what we are witnessing is the slow awakening of the complacent morons, who make up our media elite and a significant part of Bush's political support. People, who are fatuous, self-satisfied, and bored with all about them (except their own endlessly fascinating doings). It is the fascism of celebrity gone mad, and they could not be more disinterested in scandal or any constitutional or good governance issues underlying the controversy.

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