Monday, July 16, 2007


Two salients have emerged, heralding the more perfect, coming storm:

1.) War with Iran
2.) Impeachment of the President and Vice-President

The first -- war with Iran -- is, apparently, what Bush has in mind, or what people, who are paying too much attention fear Bush has in mind.

The second -- impeachment -- is how many people feel the present Constitutional crisis can and must be resolved.

Those advocating impeachment most strongly have "eschewed any political calculations or even any specific charges" to predict that the Constitutional machinery will, inevitably, lurch into action.

Excuse me, if I demur that no political movement occurs without calculation or specifics.

I don't know that I credit the notion that Bush is planning a War with Iran. There's a logic to it, and plenty of circumstantial evidence that Bush is determined to drum up war with Iran. I just find it hard to believe that even Bush could be dumb enough to start a war -- or, even more unwisely, permit a terrorist attack in the U.S. -- in an effort to restore his own power and popularity. The political backfire from such a hare-brained scheme might well bring down the Republic.

But, the idea that an impeachment will get underway, without a Capone charge -- some indefensible and unambiguous charge of wrong-doing, however irrelevant -- seems even more incredible than war with Iran.

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