Monday, August 20, 2007


Digby at Hullabaloo takes note that the mainstream media is"catapulting the propaganda" for the Bush Administration, while ignoring the very powerful op-ed, The War as We Saw It - New York Times, which appeared in Sunday's New York Times, by seven non-coms, who know whereof they speak.

Many bloggers noted this extremely powerful op-ed. It isn't just that the non-coms are questioning the War and the Surge and the whole Bush "strategy" -- it is that the non-coms are speaking sense.

The mainstream media have failed as a filter and a discriminator, in ways that have had profound consequences for the U.S. and the world. They (meaning the likes of Jim Lehrer, Wolf Blitzer and Tim Russert, among others) simply do not seem capable of correctly and sensibly sorting out, who is rational, truthful, benign, well-informed from those who are hacks and fools.

By and large, the mainstream media broadcast and write what they are told, no matter how deceptive or foolish. There are exceptions, but they simply serve to highlight the extensive dysfunction in place.

But, people are noticing. People read a great piece, and the great piece doesn't make news. And, people notice the Media is broken.

Maybe, there's a bit of progress underway.

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