Sunday, October 28, 2007

If you want change, vote Republican!

digby at Hullabaloo notices a new phenomenon:
George W. Bush is being disappeared from the presidential campaign and everyone's running against incumbent Hillary Clinton. Subtly, but relentlessly, the public psyche is being prepared to deny Junior ever existed. And it could work. For many different reasons, most Americans want nothing more than to forget George W. Bush was ever president. So, we see a very odd subliminal narrative taking shape in which the blame for the nation's failures of the last seven years is being shifted to Clinton (and the "do-nothing" Democratic congress) as if the Codpiece hasn't been running things since 2000. (Not that the radical wingnuts haven't always blamed the Clenis for everything, but the disappearing of Bush is a new element.)

I certainly don't blame the Republicans for trying to do it. It makes sense, since their boy is an epic failure and the original Clinton is still very present in people's minds. It will be quite a trick to pull off, but I can see the press already helping them do it. (Naturally.)

It's an interesting phenomenon and one for which I hope the Democratic strategists are prepared. Their underlying theme seems to be, "If you want change, vote Republican!"

Compare what the Economist said about Robert Draper's recent biography of Bush:

"Mr Draper captures the skill of Mr Bush's two presidential campaigns. In 2000 he beat an incumbent vice-president after eight years of peace and prosperity: the wry slogan among his inner circle was: 'Things have never been better. Vote for change.' Four years later, with the economy stalled and Iraq in flames, he won again. This time, the backstage slogan was: 'Things have never been worse. Stay the course.'"

It is said that it is good to be King. It is also good, to own the Media.

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