Friday, November 2, 2007

The Logic of Empire

Anthro writes on the critical logic of Empire versus the Logic of Democracy.

He explains why Cheney may have already won, or why he may well win the game, even as he loses power. Those, who follow have many strong incentives to mirror the behavior of Cheney, even in trying to reverse what he's done, and so may end up just accepting revolutionary premises Cheney has brought to American foreign policy and American conceptions government.

There's a strong case to be made that 2004 was the critical election, and the good guys lost, and there's no going back.

So many people seem to be hypnotized by the logic of illogic. Simply arresting Bush and Cheney and the rest and shipping them off to stand trial for war crimes at the Hague is apparently unthinkable. Simply withdrawing posthaste from Iraq is simply unthinkable.

Well, the U.S. has been going down the tubes, because so few have been willing to think. So, maybe it is time some started.

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