Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Ride

The great political storm has been held off by a news Media no longer able to cover the corruption and malfeasance of the Right.

The Republicans are going to run, as a Presidential candidate, a corrupt old fool. But, the Media love McCain, and appear reluctant to criticize him, just as they failed to criticize the callous, inexperienced dry drunk the Republicans nominated in 2000.

Newsweek has run a piece on the Media's cozy relationship with McCain and how that relationship has made McCain's casual corruption easy to hide. Atrios at Eschaton exclaims: "It's so rare that criticism of the press from the left in any way actually makes it into the mainstream media." Yes, it is rare. Of course, the article is a "Web-Exclusive" that won't make it into the magazine, where McCain voters might read it.

Just as the New York Times held its article exposing McCain's corruption until after McCain had secured the nomination, and then larded it with salacious gossip, which made it easy to dismiss, and Sixty Minutes will expose the Bush Administration's political prosecution of an Alabama governor during the Oscar telecast, when no one will watch, the Media continue to hide the news, even when they don't actually bury it.

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