Monday, June 23, 2008

The Media Won't Care

Ezra Klein notes that McCain's tax plan would reduce Cindy McCain's taxes by almost $400,000: "Sigh. It's hard to know how to write these posts sometimes. Is snark really enough? This sort of thing should be a scandal. Yet the media won't care. Catty reporters will not emblazon $373,000 into voters minds In 2000, everyone know the line (or a misrepresentation of the line) 'I took the initiative in creating the Internet.' In 2004, everyone was aware that Kerry said 'I voted for it before I voted against it.' Yet there's no way that reporters will stitch '$373,000' into the DNA of this election. But they should. McCain is running for president, during a war, despite a deficit, amidst a likely recession, on a plan that gives him and his incredibly rich family almost $400,000 in tax cuts. It's absurd."

Media delenda est.

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