Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Audacity of Hype?

The Audacity of Hype?: "Is Barack Obama exaggerating when he compares his campaign to the great progressive moments in US history?"

I guess we'll see, if this election fulfills its early promise to be a seachange in political power and governance.

digby at Hullabaloo: "I think the most interesting thing about the answers is the degree to which just about everyone sounds ambivalent or confused. It's a very odd array of answers from people who are immersed in politics and history and who should be able to rattle off a compelling rationale for the candidate without any problem, even if they disagree with the notion that it's a movement on par with civil rights or the labor movement. I think all of the people queried want Obama to win, but virtually none of them seem to be sure what he's going to do."

I think Obama regards his role as being to preside. He wants to be in a position to give permission for progressive reform. The right question, in Obama's view, is: "What are you going to do, when you can?"

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