Wednesday, December 10, 2008 and the first Obama scandal

How tall was King Kong? Correct answer: 13.5 inches

We've just had the genuine perfect political storm -- the inevitable blowback from abysmally bad policymaking creating a political backlash against bad politicians and bad political ideas, complete with failed wars and a collapsing economy, not to mention successful terror attacks and failed response to natural diaster. Now comes the synthetic political storm -- the hollywood sound stage version, created in miniature, with a fictional script, but videotaped with dramatic music and voiceover narration.

digby at Hullabaloo examines the's plan for the first of the Obama scandals:
"There you have it. The call to 'release documents.' The anonymous Democratic backstabber. The Republicans insisting on keeping the prosecutor (as if anyone's suggested anything different.) The thinly veiled accusation of stone walling.

This story seems to have hit at a perfect moment, when the press and the country are bored with bad news. So, perhaps it really will have legs. It's hard for me to see that, but the press is reporting this as if they are innocent bystanders when they are the one's trafficking in rumor and innuendo, so I'm not quite as sanguine as I was yesterday.

The question will be if the new president's enemies have any ability to keep the press fed. In that regard, Fitzgerald is a poor choice. He doesn't leak. Not that it will stop them from making stuff up."

The is staffed by journalists, who first achieved professional prominence manufacturing Clinton scandals in 1996-97. So, this shouldn't be a surprise. But, we will rue the day that the perfect political storm of 2008 stopped short of sweeping away the corrupt, incompetent Media establishment.

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