Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting the Depression Right

tristero at Hullabaloo:
"It has often been noted that to the Right, 9/11 provided an opportunity to 'get Vietnam right,' by invading Iraq and 'winning' rather than ignominiously withdrawing. Despite the fact that by any rational metric, the Bush/Iraq war was an unmitigated disaster and the situation today is only slightly less anarchic than a Hobbesian State of Nature, it is a given among movement conservatives - and their enablers in the press - that the 'surge' worked and 'we' are winning in Iraq.

What if, . . . the current economic crisis is perceived by the Right as nothing less than a splendid opportunity to get the Depression right?"

tristero concentrates his attention on the harlequins of the Right -- jokesters like Rush Limbaugh, but he encapsulates much of the general character of the respectable and respected Right: people like Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, who imagines that he has a chance to get the Depression Right, by which, I think, he means to preserve the plutocracy through its crisis.

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