Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I got a call from a worker bee at the Democratic National Committee, working to gather funds for an advertising campaign in support of Obama's Health Care Reform.

And, I gave $50.

With very great reluctance, borne of feelings of hopeless futility.

Why would I want to spend my money for a health reform that accomplishes little or nothing of actual benefit to me, or to the mass of people?

The kind of radical, comprehensive re-structuring of health care, which is clearly necessary and desirable would begin with single-payer health insurance, in some form. But, such a proposal was never on the table.

I told the lady I was a very unhappy Democrat. I didn't vote for continuation of war. For secret torture prisons. For financial bailouts that deliver billions to Goldman Sachs, but nothing for foreclosure relief or jobs.

Or, for a health care reform featuring a new and costly mandate placed on working families, but holding Big Pharma secure in its perquisites.

"Bring on the Revolution", I said. And, I meant it. This country needs fundamental change. And, it is getting mindless tinkering with the status quo, with no recognition that the status is bankrupt, economically and morally.

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