Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Lean Years

I've noticed over the last couple of weeks a growing crescendo of propaganda, in favor of the idea that most Americans must accept much reduced income and wealth.

Thomas Friedman - proclaims: "Welcome to the lean years."

Thomas Friedman is a bad writer, a dull fellow and a moral pygmy, so I won't quote more than that. But, he's popular and well-connected -- tuned into the zeitgeist, you might say, if you didn't believe that he's participating in a well-coordinated propaganda campaign.

atrios of Eschaton translates:
"he of course means things will only get worse for the proles, that this is inevitable and there's nothing elites can do about it, and we'd all better suck it up and learn to be polite to our wealthy overlords."

Dean Baker, an actual economist refutes him:
"There are no serious forecasts that do not project that productivity will continue to grow for the indefinite future, and many project that productivity will grow at a more rapid pace than it did in the years from 1973-1995. This means that there is no reason, except incompetent economic management and/or the continuing upward redistribution of income, why the vast majority of the population should not experience improvements in living standards."

And, the New York Times reports:
The New Poor - Despite Signs of Recovery, Long-Term Unemployment Rises: "Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs"

The masters of large corporations and the very, very wealthy take a larger share of the national income and pay less and less in taxes, while sponsoring Republicans and centrist Democrats in obstructing any amelioration. But, outside the Left Blogosphere, you will never hear a word of truth about that.

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