Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A clue?

digby at hullabaloo:
I could be wrong, but I'm sensing a shift in the narrative that could finally begin to break down the conservatives' decades-in-the-making consensus against taxation and regulation. With the bipartisan loathing for bailouts, continued economic stress, the arrogance of Wall Street and now the clear professional malpractice of the oil industry, it's just possible that the people of the United States are getting a clue.

I have no proof that this is happening. It's purely my instinct. And I don't know that the malefactors of great wealth will not be able to successfully misdirect once again and declare it all a measure of government failure. But I think the convergence of all these things at the same time may actually be enough to finally make people question their assumptions a little bit.

Well, it is certainly pretty to think it, but, really, does the opinion of the American People even matter?

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