Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who to Blame? Who to Blame?

There really isn't adequate space to address the extraordinary drop in American prestige that accompanied a war of aggression fought for bogus reasons, the use of torture as official U.S. policy, massive increases in poverty and inequality, and the world-wide economic collapse largely brought about by irresponsible American financial institutions.

And the current Republican response to this record of shame is to say give us another shot to make it all happen again.

Again, I want to deal with the broader failings of a more bipartisan elite, but feel like this is the necessary pre-condition to understanding that Republicans generally and conservatives specifically, on a virtually across-the-board basis, have laid our country low in ways that are almost too numerous to quantify. Sadly, as I will demonstrate later, the people who should have provided some check on this gang that couldn't shoot straight failed almost as miserably, continue to fail us to this day, and in most instances, seem to have learned nothing by their failures.

Indeed, it continues to be remarkably difficult to figure out who is more responsible for America's failure: Neocons or Neoliberals, the Right or the Center, the Republicans or the Feckless Democrats or the Media, the complacent Elite or the ignorant and resentful People.

No one appears to have changed their minds about anything.

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