Sunday, April 22, 2012

No Justice, No Law

Ian Welsh:
"The US does not have justice or even the rule of law and whether the public approves or disapproves is irrelevant.  Black letter law, on the books, makes most of what the banks did leading up to the subprime crisis illegal.  It was fraud.  Black letter law makes the war on Iraq a war crime, and no one went to jail for that.  Black letter law does not allow freestanding resisting arrest charges, and those happen all the time.  Basic law states that an accused has a right to face their accuser and see the evidence against them, that no longer occurs in many cases.  Basic justice says that you can’t punish someone without a trial, and the “no-fly list” indicates that is no longer true (along with being unable to face your accusers and see the evidence against you.)  The US Congress retroactively made wiretapping without a warrant “legal” and if I have to explain why retroactive immunity is wrong I give up.  Basic justice says that secret laws and secret courts are unjust, yet the US has plenty of both."

I thought that the coming political storm would so outrage the mass of people, that much of this moral obduracy would be swept away, and I was wrong. Instead of a political storm, we got a quiet political counterrevolution, and are marching down a path toward a fascist state, maybe even toward a neo-feudal order.

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  1. «marching down a path toward a fascist state, maybe even toward a neo-feudal order.»

    A late comment... That is enthusiastically endorsed by the middle classes!

    Because they have been made to believe that in thew new order *they* will be lords of the manor, liviung in their splendid mansion while being served deferentially by low paid hired help.

    The USA middle class *love* the idea of a plantation economy, because they think that they will be those running the plantations. That they will get theirs and f*ck everybody else.

    They are very mistaken, and the plan is them to endorse the plantation economy, and when they find themselves as servants instead of masters, the few masters will tell them not to complain, because they voted for it.