Monday, July 25, 2005

One hundred eighty two weeks to go.

The Carpetbagger Report » Blog Archive » How does he find the time?: "George Bush has a somewhat shadowed history of alcohol dependence and a drug-use problem that he has said he simply will not discuss.

He claims that his recovery–his commitment to stop using and abusing–began with and is maintained by divine intervention. While this is a nice story, those who understand drug and alcohol abuse and dependence call this sort of go-it-alone sobriety delusional.

The adoption of singular focus on a few ritual substitutes for alcohol and drugs, to the point that they induce a new kind of dependence, can be just as dangerous to the person. Worse, they can hold at bay the kinds of honesty with self and others that lead to humility, and recognition that nobody's ever recovered, merely in a process of recovering.

Praying and exercising in moderation can be part of a healthy person's life. Moderation is the key.

We have just fininshed the 26th week of the second term of GW Bush. One hundred eighty two weeks to go. He's brittle. He's combative. He's totally self-assured. He's a fool."

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