Sunday, July 3, 2005

Whiskey Bar: Have Another Slice of Yellowcake, Karl

Whiskey Bar: Have Another Slice of Yellowcake, Karl: "Which naturally raises the question of whether Fitzgerald's team and the FBI have been talking to each other lately, and what they may have been talking about. If there are strands of evidence that tend to walk the responsibility for the production and/or disseminaton of those forged documents back to this side of the Atlantic, and if any of those strands lead towards the U.S. government, or 'an internal working group dealing with Iraq' . . . well, Rove (and others) might find that perjury charges are the least of their worries."

Oh, we live in hope. Please, let some semblance of professionalism rescue us from these ruthless, would-be autocrats . . .

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