Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hullabaloo asks: How long?

There is a rumor that Cheney may do a Spiro Agnew (i.e. resign), which would give Bush an opportunity to name a V-P, before, in turn, resigning.

Digby asks:

Hullabaloo: "If Condi becomes the Veep, how many hours/weeks/months/hours will it take for Bush to resign, Condi to become president, and all the Democratic hopes for a weak opponent in 2008 to be dashed?"

It has long been my view that the Republican powers-that-be would sooner lose Bush, than put up with his Hooverization. I frankly imagine that it might be a bit bloodier than this scenario, but the first step down that road is for Cheney to resign. Cheney should resign for being a lying crook, but he has the option of resigning for reasons of ill health. (He did make around $7 million last year, on his Halliburton options; so, he will be able to spend his last, sick months on the earth in style.) Either way, Bush then gets to appoint a successor. Whether Bush is smart enough to realize that he will be appointing his own successor, as well as Cheney's, I don't much care.

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