Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood

The Blogging of the President: "Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood" Stirling Newbery is a national treasure with a very broad view of events. His thesis has been that American history divides fairly neatly into eras, and we are at the end of such an era, the era of cheap oil, if you will. The American people chose badly when they chose Nixon, and began the conservative ascendancy, and when they chose Nixon, they chose to ignore the implications of the end of cheap oil, to squander their patrimony on SUVs and other forms of self-indulgence.

Blood, says Stirling: "that is what the next two years have in store. The question is who is at the table, and who is on it.

While ma[n]y are dancing with joy over 'Fitzmas' - an event that would not have been possible without constant pressure on the media and the government from non-traditional sources - the larger blood letting is going to go on in the waves of layoffs and downsizing moves that the automotive and airline industry are due for."

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