Friday, November 11, 2005

The Carpetbagger Report � Blog Archive � When the wheels come off

The first great Storm has passed over this Administration and left it waterlogged and gasping for air.

For the Great Republic, a period a prolonged weakness in the Executive may be a tonic, as Congress regains its accustomed independence and power. That, in addition to the weakness of Bush, is what I read in the litany quoted below:

The Carpetbagger Report � Blog Archive � When the wheels come off: "Bush purports to be on the comeback trail, in large part because, unless he's impeached, he has nowhere to go but up. So, how's this week gone for the beleaguered president? Let's see…

"* The Republican House rejected Bush-backed spending cuts.

"* The Republican majority of the Senate Finance Committee rejected Bush's capital gains tax cuts.

"* The Republican House rejected Bush's demands to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

"* A growing, bi-partisan consensus emerged to ignore Bush and curtail the Patriot Act.

"* The Republican Senate rebuffed the White House on torture and the Republican House is poised to do the same.

"* The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said Bush's call to make his first-term tax cuts permanent has practically zero support.

"* Bush's drive to privatize Social Security was declared dead.

"* Bush's trip to the Summit of the Americas really didn't go well.

"* And voters in a reliably 'red' state rebuffed the president and elected a Democratic governor, fairly easily."

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