Friday, November 25, 2005

The War on Liberals

Not so long ago, the Bush Administration was conducting a campaign of intimidation against those, who opposed the War in Iraq.

"We've been hearing for some time now
, from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal, that Americans who dissent from Bush's war strategy are being 'treasonous,' 'pro-Saddam' and 'anti-American,' and from the likes of Andrew Sullivan and David Horowitz that liberals now represent a 'fifth column' of potential traitors who would aid the enemy. Now, from the repulsive Michael Savage sector, we're also hearing that such dissenters are a threat and should be arrested."

But, there was no anti-war movement to speak of, for a long-time. Those, who had sincere doubts, kept quiet. And, there is still no "movement" per se, just a consensus, that the war was a mistake and is a mistake.

The Political Storm has come, and the reality that Bush is incompetent can now be freely admitted.

But, now we can revisit the earlier analyses, and wonder what shoe will drop next. What was the point of demonizing an anti-war left, which did not exist?

Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis: XIV: The War on Liberals: "What hasn't happened yet is that the thuggishness has not directed itself on any kind of large scale at all (there have only been a few isolated incidents); neither has the Bush regime made any kind of open signal that such activities are viewed approvingly.

"If they do signal such an alliance, however, then I am convinced that the nation is in serious danger of submerging under a tide of genuine fascism."

There's a scary thought. The cited article is an old one. I am citing it, because I was thinking about fascism and Bush's fascist ambitions.

The Great Political Storm, which has already begun -- which began with Katrina -- is bigger than anyone yet realizes. The corruption scandals are like the warm water of the Gulf, which fueled Katrina and Rita -- they are just waiting to wind things up.

But, other alternative futures are also out there. Another terrorist attack? A more or less fake attack, for political purposes?

Cheney's resignation would signal that the grown-ups in the Republican Party have stepped in. But, if he sticks around . . . ?

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