Friday, June 9, 2006

Hullabaloo: what a delusional fool is he!

Hullabaloo: "Jesus, what a delusional fool he is. We'll be lucky if 9/11 and Iraq are the worst things that happened to us under this idiots leadership."

Having an incompetent fool as President really is dangerous. Maybe he could not have prevented 9/11, but, he did not try. Maybe, forming a Department of Homeland Security (god, how I HATE that fascistic name) was not his idea, exactly, but he did not have an idea of his own, other than to . . . wait for it . . . invade Iraq. Invading Iraq is the dumbest thing the U.S. has done since LBJ escalated Vietnam, and it has cost us vastly more, in money and prestige if not casualties.

A idiot President is still President. Most idiot Presidents have been passive, and done little damage, by doing little. Bush is an exception.

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