Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Storm Forecast or Expected

Whiskey Bar: The Wages of Sin: ". . . what it really indicates, I think, is the complete confidence the GOP majority now places in the chronic amnesia of the American voter -- and the willingness of the corporate media complex (particularly its broadcast arm) to avoid doing or saying anything that would jog the patient's memory, at least when doing so might directly damage the interests of a powerful business constituency."

billmon is reflecting on the action of the House in accepting a cost of living increase -- the seventh straight -- for themselves one week, and then torpedoing an increase in the minimum wage -- now at its lowest level in 50 years after being frozen in place for a decade. But, it could be anything, really.

The American People, apparently, are ill-informed and, though unhappy, are unwilling to do anything about it.

Billmon: "There no longer seems to be any limit on what the devious and the dishonest can get away with in this country, as long as they're willing to be patient about it."

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