Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Meaning of Lieberman - Lamont

Matt Stoller: "I find it quite ironic that those best positioned to understand the implications of Lieberman's downfall are the most apt to describe the race as unimportant or meaningless instead of the momentus event it really is."

I had one of those zeitgeist moments, where I participated for a few seconds in the growing blogospheric consciousness about what Lamont's victory over Lieberman means for the changing shape of the Democratic Party.

One of the prime reasons that the Perfect Storm has been so slow in coming, despite Bush's overreaching and disastrously foolish policies, is that Democratic Party and American politics is stuck in a corrupt mode. That corrupt mode is making it difficult for the Democrats to respond rationally and effectively to the Republicans, despite the emergence of a degree of extremism, insanity and corruption, which would, ordinarily be electorally fatal in American politics.

Matt has been writing some detailed articles explaining how and why the Democrats in Washington are so feeble.

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