Friday, October 20, 2006

The Sorrow and the Pity

James Wolcott: "Nearly everyone of functional intelligence and minimal perception (which, admittedly, leaves out a stubborn third of the American population) acknowledges the violent inferno that engulfs Iraq--a vortex that seems to be gathering strength with each screaming rotation. What's maddening is how the political chatshow discussions of how the U.S. should proceed (i.e., race to the exits in an orderly fashion) sound so divorced from the scale of the horror and misery that have been unleashed. To hear the pundits, think tankers, and public officials drone on with their proposed solutions, you'd think they were discussing how the Ravens might beef up their offense, or what the Mets need to do over the spring to bolster their starting rotation. There's barely an emotional hint of tragically, arrogantly, and unforgivably this country has fucked up."

Mr. Wolcott goes on to cite an excellent post by Billmon on this subject.

I am truly ashamed of what my country has done. Truly ashamed.

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