Monday, October 23, 2006

Waiting for an Iraq Policy

Whiskey Bar: Babbling Idiots:
". . . there's obviously a hard edge of real desperation -- if not despair -- behind this. America's ruling elites have had things largely their own way for the past couple of decades. But now they're looking at a bottomless quagimire that may have a much bigger disaster (like loss of access to Persian Gulf oil) hidden somewhere in the mud. And they don't have a clue about what to do. They've lost control, which is the last thing any ruling elite can afford to admit.

"Small wonder then, that the policy 'debate' has now crossed the line into complete fantasy . . . "

The continuing deterioration of the situation in Iraq is one of the sure signs that a political storm is coming.

I am hoping that the Democrats gain control the House, and with it the power to investigate the Bush Administration. The old lions of the Democratic Party, men like Waxman and Conyers, will have important committee chairs. These are not men, who nurse ambitions to be President, and they are men with a deep knowledge of the bureaucracy, of where the levers of real administrative power lie.

They won't be able to do much about Iraq. My only fear is that Bush will try to manipulate them into "forcing" a withdrawal and accepting the blame for total failure in Iraq.

But, if Republican Power is to be overthrown, its very foundations will have to be undermined. And, investigation of the corruption involved is necessary.

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