Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doomed. Wrecked. Ruined.

Atrios points to Tom Schaller:
"According to the latest Gallup survey, Republican self-identification has declined nationally and in almost every American state."

Yes, it has. Bush, the Republican Caligula, is like some kind of caustic soda stuck to the Republican brand, eating it away. (Schaller, of course, has an analysis.)

Atrios is right, I think, that it will take prolonged treatment to have lasting political effects. Some Democrats will fear that the Republicans will rise zombie-like, if Democrats are less than spectucularly effective in curtailing Bush's Iraq adventure. But, the drip-drip-drip of conversations, like the one Digby observes between Chris Matthews and various right-wing Republican pundits, where the essentially fraudulent nature of all Republican "principles" is on full display, will continue for some time. It isn't just the Iraq War, from which none of the Republican candidates for President and few of the Republican leaders in Congress yet have the sense to flee. Having as candidates for the Republican nomination only moderate and liberal Republicans, who will have to change their positions on every major issue, to get the nomination, has its own dynamic.

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