Monday, February 5, 2007

Failure in the Making

The general thesis of this blog has been that Bush's moronic policies would have bad consequences, and, at least some of those policies would have consequences so acutely bad, as to create a "political storm" -- a bit of political theatre in which the body politic appears to learn something from the sequence of political events. My model was Watergate, which seemed to be about a third-rate burglary, but was, in fact, about the Imperial Presidency of Richard Nixon.

It is a measure of how seriously deteriorated is the United States, that Bush has been able to go as far as he has, without alarming the journalistic and corporate elites.

But, there is a logic to overreaching, which just carries on until it confronts a limit, no matter how far out that limit may be.

The President has embarked on his "surge" in Iraq, yet another ill-conceived, largely unplanned policy, with predictably catastrophic consequences. The incomparable Stirling Newberry outlines why things will get worse before they get still worse.

It appears that Mr. Bush, unable to provoke the Congress into making him withdraw from Iraq, has turned to the long-suffering Iraqi People. A uniter not a divider appears ready to unite the Iraqi People behind American withdrawal.

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