Saturday, November 8, 2008

After the Storm . . . another storm?

Hullabaloo: "this time, instead of a mere womanizing good old boy from Arkansas, we will have a president who these people literally believe is a foreign, barbaric, baby killing, communist, Muslim terrorist. They think the liberals have illegitimately taken over the political system and are literally endangering the country in order to force their foreign philosophy on Real Americans. They believe that violence is always the best way to deal with enemies, lest they live to fight another day. They are hoarding guns. You do the math."

The rump of the Republican Party -- especially in greater Appalachia and (the white-supremacist parts of) the Deep South -- notably including the Republican caucus in Congress -- is Stupid and Crazy. Shorn of the parental supervision usually provided by Responsible Rich, who have migrated to the Democratic Party, they will stand ready to resume Power as a neo-Populist fascism, and if Obama is killed, or makes some serious policy errors, they may just get the chance.

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