Friday, November 14, 2008


Talking Points Memo reader: "Here is something progressives really need to address. On Sunday morning political shows, three Democrats are confirmed as guests: Carl Levin, Barney Frank, and Charlie Rangel. It's as if Democrats didn't just win huge electoral advances in the Presidential, House, and Senate elections. So we get the same thing we've had the past 8 years--republican hegemony on Sunday. Kyl? Check. Gingrich? Check. Steele? Check. Jindal and Shelby? Check and check? Just look at The Page for the whole list. When is the 'liberal media' going to give some of the oxygen to Democrats?"

The perfect storm of the election did not reach the Media. And, it is a serious problem. Tellingly, TPM doesn't put its own voice forward -- it uses "a reader" to make this point.

The corporate Media is a right-wing propaganda operation, which poisons the political discourse. This is a serious problem.

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