Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Tides of History

Walter Isaacson reviews - 'Crisis and Command,' by John Yoo; and 'Bomb Power,' by Garry Wills - in the (goddamn) New York Times: "the course of American history has followed Yoo’s interpretation. . . . That is why Wills’s book, though more elegantly argued than Yoo’s, seems to be railing against the tides of ­history."

As digby notes, Isaacson never notes or acknowledges Yoo's advocacy of torture.

We have here a real milestone in our progress of degradation. This is how the building of the Fascist State is confirmed.

Garry Wills is a conservative. John Yoo is a fascist. There are differences. By obscuring or overlooking the differences, Issacson, from his perch at the New York Times, is ratifying the descent of the United States from Republic to Fascist State.

It is a sad and pathetic end for our ideals.

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