Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Liberal Media at Work

Pete Peterson, scourge of Social Security, has established the "Fiscal Times", which, in turn, will be writing the news for the Washington Post.

Andrew Alexander - A controversial Post partnership with the Fiscal Times -
"The Fiscal Times is one of the nontraditional news organizations being created to provide specialized reporting. The Post and other media outlets have begun partnering with them to bolster coverage diminished by staff reductions.

The groups have been underwritten by wealthy benefactors or foundations. Governance structures have been established to ensure autonomy. All are staffed by quality journalists, including some of the nation's best reporters and editors.

In a letter to me Thursday, [Pete] Peterson said he is funding the Fiscal Times 'with no strings attached.' He hadn't known of the Dec. 31 story in advance, he said, adding, 'I do not intend to review any articles prior to publication, and will not influence nor in any way be involved in decisions about editorial content.' He said the same goes for his son, Michael, who helped create Fiscal Times. In a separate e-mail, Michael Peterson said he 'played no role whatsoever' in the story and was 'not aware' of it until it appeared."

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

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