Thursday, April 28, 2005

Billmon: The Grand Delusion

Billmon: "As I’ve said before, the American constitutional edifice reminds me of a house riddled by termites – it looks solid enough from the outside, but lean too hard against a wall and big pieces might start toppling over. And right now, the neocons and their Bible Belt allies are leaning pretty damned hard. There are days (like “Justice Sunday”) when the Weimar analogy no longer seems so far fetched.

If we’re fortunate – as fortunate as America has been through most of its history – the center will hold. Things won’t fall apart. The neocons, having overreached, will be thrown for a big loss and forced to punt. But I’m not as confident as I used to be that the game still works that way."

Here's the always wonderful Billmon pondering whether the "Coming Perfect Storm" will actually come, and sweep the neocon Republicans from power, or whether their new American Empire will usher in some kind of weird American religio-fascism.

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