Saturday, April 23, 2005

Myers wants media to cover positives in Iraq, Afghanistan

Myers wants media to cover positives in Iraq, Afghanistan: "Myers told the editors he reads far more about the problems of servicemembers’ equipment and the latest insurgent attack than about “the thousands of amazing things our troops are accomplishing.” This concerns him, he said, because American resolve is key to success.

The chairman said that part of the problem lies with the military. He said commanders must be more responsive and give more access to reporters. “We’re working on that,” he told the editors.

But still, “a bomb blast is seen as more newsworthy than the steady progress of rebuilding communities and lives, remodeling schools and running vaccination programs and water purification plants.” "

Ah, yes, American "resolve". "Resolve" is one of those key words, which indicate that narrative is being pushed in place of substantive analysis. Myers is, to use the technical term, a worthless piece of sh't. He has dishonored himself and his uniform and my country. I would really like to spit in his face, for putting out this crap. "Resolve"

The Republicans are going to lose Iraq, along with $200 billion, and at least two or three thousand American lives, and many tens of thousands of Iraqi lives. They are going to lose it because they are allowing incompetence and corruption prevent us from achieving worthy goals. The President is a moron, in case you haven't noticed. I don't mean that he is natively stupid, but he is ignorant and lazy in his thinking. He has never learned how to be a leader or an executive. He does not anticipate consequences, does not encourage competent planning, does not push hard to achieve what would be in the country's interest. Richard Myers has the job of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs because he doesn't confront the President, on behalf of the necessities of the job. That's why there haven't been enough boots on the ground from day one. It is why we did not do anything to prevent the looting, which supplied the insurgency with a seemingly infinite supply of high explosive. It is why we did not do anything to prevent the high unemployment in Iraq, which has provided the seemingly infinite supply of suicide bombers.

Resolve does not win wars. Competent planning, resources and vigorous achievement of well-chosen objectives win wars and build nations. We have made slow progress in training and equipping Iraqi security forces. We have made little or no progress with electricity or water purification or building local government institutions. We have made lots of progress wasting money with Halliburton.

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