Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Digby warns, Digby hopes

Hullabaloo: "US democracy may, just may, right itself when Bush's presidency is over. But if the next president is anything like this one... God help us.

"Another president like Bush and even the most cautious amongst us will be forced to conclude that the project of American democracy - or at least the version of it I learned about and, yes, admire - is over. That would not be a Good Thing. "

This is the problem. If the Media and Congress is so corrupt, that nothing this President does, rouses them from their stupor, there will be no political Storm, no aroused populace learning the error of their ways. And, the American Republic may well be lost, replaced by a rapidly decaying Empire ruled by and for a bunch of stupid, selfish plutocrats and their hangers-on.

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