Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Worst President Ever(TM)

The New York Review of Books: The Mess: "Much of the Iraq fiasco can be directly attributed to Bush's shortcomings as a leader. Having decided to invade Iraq, he failed to make sure there was adequate planning for the postwar period. He never settled bitter policy disputes among his principal aides over how postwar Iraq would be governed; and he allowed competing elements of his administration to pursue diametrically opposed policies at nearly the same time. He used jobs in the Coalition Provisional Authority to reward political loyalists who lacked professional competence, regional expertise, language skills, and, in some cases, common sense. Most serious of all, he conducted his Iraq policy with an arrogance not matched by political will or military power.

"These shortcomings have led directly to the current dilemmas of the US both in Iraq and with Iran. "

Well, duh.

It is just not a good idea to have as President, a moron, and Bush is a moron -- he's not particularly smart; whatever his inherent intelligence, which cannot be much, he has never exercised his mind in any ambitious undertaking or exploration of the world. It takes ambition and imagination to be a good leader. He has neither.

But, ultimately, Bush's failure is the failure of the People of the United States, to reject the corporate right-wing, which leads this country, public and private and in every branch of government. Bush is their creature, the creature of corporate executives "earning" $10 million a year, the creature of Fox News and Meet Tim Russert, of what's wrong with Kansas and the Christian Right. They have raped this country, stealing its virtue and its wealth, and the People do not care.

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