Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The previous post, though it might not be obvious since it is somewhat incoherent, is about stupidity.

The trouble with an argument, the premise of which is that some person or group is being stupid -- not just wrong on the merits of an issue, but actively and plainly stupid, is that the argument may not make sense to stupid people, and people, who think stupidity can not be objectively assessed, intelligence being akin to taste, account of which cannot be taken.

I thought I would collect a few examples, though, of the current ruling party's stupidity, just to drive home the point. These are examples of stupidity, not just things I think wrong or misconceived. It is amazingly easy, and telling, how many such examples are available on any given day. Here are two:

Homeland Security has identified twice as many "terrorist targets" in Indiana as New York. Of course, Indiana is a Republican State. I feel like targeting them myself. (Just kidding.)

An SEC commissioner does not understand how backdating a stock option is theft.

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