Friday, December 15, 2006

More Charts!

Here's a chart from the esteemed Dr. Pollkatz, which clearly shows that we are about to hit the magic 3000 in body count.

And, here's one from TPM Cafe, which shows the increasing number of attacks in Iraq.

The meaningfulness of the second chart may be enhanced if you know that the last three months of data are unavailable, because the Pentagon has classified the data and is dragging its feet on unclassifying the numbers. Hmmm.

Oh, yeah, and the President is going to announce his new slogan (aka plan) real soon now, like next month (after we pass 3000?? after the country gets a gander at the frequency of attacks in the increasingly chaotic Iraq??).

Now, a critic might note that the body count peaked for August 2004, just as the attack count did, but the attack count doesn't peak in April 2005, though the body count did. The Washington Post was reporting a surge in attacks in April 2005, but the data doesn't reflect that. Curious.

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