Monday, December 18, 2006

Stab-in-the-Back Two-for-One

Fred Barnes (re)writes history:

The Keane-Kagan plan [for Iraq] is not revolutionary. Rather, it is an application of a counterinsurgency approach that has proved to be effective elsewhere, notably in Vietnam. There, Gen. Creighton Abrams cleared out the Viet Cong so successfully that the South Vietnamese government took control of the country. Only when Congress cut off funds to South Vietnam in 1974 were the North Vietnamese able to win.

There you have it, folks, the Democratic Congress lost Vietnam, when Nixon had it won. Just like the Democratic Congress will lose Iraq, when Bush had it all wrapped up, practically -- well, he's close, or he's going to be close to winning real soon now.

Stab-in-the-Back will be a centerpiece of efforts by the Right and the "Bipartisan" Center and their Serious Pundit Corps enablers to avoid being cast onto the political trash pile, as incompetent, untrustworthy fools. These people are desperate to avoid admitting their governing philosophy, their insistence that a moron can be a great President, has resulted in proximate and unambiguous disaster.

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