Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New lows

NBC/WSJ poll - "Bush's overall job approval rating is 34 percent, which is another all-time low for the president in the poll. . .

"As further evidence of that, the poll also finds that 59 percent want the incoming Democratic-controlled Congress to take the lead in setting policy for the country, compared with just 21 percent who want President Bush in charge. 'Those numbers are really stunning,' McInturff says. 'It suggests a presidency that has been whittled down to the ultimate core.' "

As the graphic from Dr. Pollkatz shows, Bush is back in record low territory, as far as his popularity is concerned. A CBS news poll found that: "Three-quarters of Americans disapprove of how the president is handling Iraq" while Bush's overall approval ratings matched the lows he achieved in May 2006.

The political storm has arrived, but it is just getting started, folks. Iraq is going to get worse, and more Americans think Iraq was a mistake at the outset than ever said that about Vietnam. Oh, yeah, and the economy is heading toward recession, and the Congress is going to going to be having hearings on all kinds of Republican corruption. The fun is just beginning.

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