Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Carpetbagger Report: Criminal Republicans

The Carpetbagger Report � Blog Archive � Sunday Discussion Group: "The Republican White House is under a criminal investigation.

"The Republican House leader is under a criminal investigation.

"And as of this week, the Republican Senate leader is under a criminal investigation.

"All at the same time."

There are two ways to view these developments. The optimistic one is to think that these are clouds on the horizon, signals of the coming political storm, which will sweep the Rethugs out of power.

The other more realistic way is to recognize that the rule of law, itself, is under attack.

This is not the criminal justice system catching up with Republicans; this may be the latest Republican assault on the rule of law. Instead of a political scandal of Katrina/Rita proportions, we will get precedents, which will give Rove, Frist and maybe even, DeLay, practical immunity from prosecution.

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