Saturday, September 3, 2005

Revealed Truth

Andrew Sullivan notices: "Well, I guess their mask has now slipped. . . . None of this is good news. The death toll because of the administration's incompetence is a human tragedy. At a deeper level, as a believer that we have to win in Iraq, I worry that the public's trust in anything this administration says about reality may soon disappear altogether. The will we need to persevere in Iraq depends to some extent on trust in the administration. The trust, already battered, may now collapse. This calamity happened in a region where support for the president was relatively strong. It benefits none of us - least of all the beleaguered Iraqis - that this has happened and is still happening. But we know now at least how the citizens of Iraq must feel - besieged, bereft of sufficient security, and reassured by smug Bush administration pabulum. They're on their own, just as surely as the remaining citizens of New Orleans were left to fend for themselves. But, hey, stuff happens, doesn't it?"

Andrew Sullivan, an extremely articulate but seriously disturbed individual -- English Catholic Tory turned American gay activist conservative; its no wonder he's confused -- somehow has consistently failed to notice two things regarding the War in Iraq:

1.) secular American liberals do not "sympathize" in any way with the crazy, religious fascism of Islamic terrorists

2.) Bush couldn't care less about Iraq or democracy, and has allowed corruption and incompetence to turn Iraq into a total disaster.

With the evidence of New Orleans staring him in the face, he notices the parallels with Iraq. Hmmm.

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