Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mark A. R. Kleiman: Bush's drinking

Mark A. R. Kleiman: Bush's drinking and Dreier's sex life: "someone who drank heavily from age 15 to age 40, decided (under pressure from his wife) that he had a problem, and quit abruptly, and who goes back to drinking when under heavy profesional pressure, is at high risk of spinning out of control, especially if he's someone who after almost twenty years (mostly) off the bottle regards his drinking years as 'the good old days.'"

For those of us, who watch Bush, and see a moron, inarticulate and insecure in the extreme, there's an element of curiosity, not dissimilar to what one experiences, passing a car wreck on the highway. Those, who heard the same simple words, simple sentences, and simple platitudes, with which W. addressed his "War on Terror" and saw a gratifying "moral clarity" were never inclined to see the truth in the thesis that he was what AA types call a "dry" drunk -- a non-drinking, but also not recovering, alcoholic. But, those of us with a more critical idea are beginning to wonder if George is still dry, and seeing evidence that he's hitting the bottle. This has some very frightening implications, and could well become an element in the gathering political storm

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