Monday, September 12, 2005

Post Ombudsman: A Stumble Amid the Good Stuff

A Stumble Amid the Good Stuff: "As it turned out, the information was wrong. Blanco had declared a state of emergency on Aug. 26, before the hurricane made landfall. That was easily checkable, but it wasn't checked. The source of the statement was a single anonymous Bush administration official. The story did not explain why this official had been granted anonymity to take a potshot at the governor or whether reporters had pressed on this issue. And editors allowed it into the paper that way.

"The Post moved quickly to correct this. The paper's Web site,, posted a correction that same day in red letters at the top of the news story, which was quite visible and effective. The newspaper ran a correction the following day, a two-sentence item that was not even the lead in the daily correction box on Page A2 and, oddly, did not mention that the source of the information was 'a senior Bush official.'"

This so pisses me off.

The Washington Post has adopted a policy, which allows it to funnel right-wing propaganda.

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