Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bush is what he is

The Blogging of the President: "Bush was not an idealist, he isn't an idealist. Iraq was a pragmatically conceived idea not to promote 'needed change' in the Middle East, but to nail a stake through the foot of the government so that it could never be liberal again, and to create the conditions for a vast river of pork to flow to constituencies that would create a permanent Republican control of the government. . . . There is no evidence what so ever that Bush believes in Democracy. He certainly doesn't promote it here, and his party doesn't practice it in Congress. . . . What Bush does practice is plutocracy - there's clear evidence that he believes in a society run by the very very rich. He also believes in theocracy - as he has stated on many occasions, a "faith based" nation is his objective here in the United States."

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