Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Rude Pundit

The Rude Pundit: "Around the nation, the majority of Americans now cringe with gut-churning fear and shame whenever they hear George W. Bush speak. "

There's no particular insight in Rude's post, and the quoted sentence is one of the few, which can be quoted in a family blog.

But, it really ought to be recalled that it is not a good idea to elect a lazy, stupid, ignorant man, President. The fundamental mistake of the 21st century was made by the American people, in electing this guy, who had none of the characteristics, likely to be make for a good President. You can say, we really did not elect him; the election in Florida was stolen, and, of course, you would be right. And, in 2000, he presented a better face in prospect than he delivered. But, in 2004, a lot of people voted for him, knowing full well what they would get. Again, you could argue that the corporate right-wing media has a tendency to drown out more sensible, elite opinion, which might lead people, who don't pay much attention to politics to better electoral decisions. And, again, you could say, Kerry was not all that appealing.

Still, and all, Bush is a really bad President, and the reason we expect catastrophe ahead, is because of his leadership -- his really bad, really unwise leadership. Though his position of leadership might have something to do with our unwise followership, this being sort of a democracy and all. It would be a good thing, in the long run, if more people had the same gut reaction of nausea and revulsion, which I feel, when confronted with the President fumbling through a speech or press conference.

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