Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver sees storm clouds gathering

The Carpetbagger Report » Blog Archive » Good Morning All You East Coast Liberals: "Dark clouds have been forming out over our national horizon for quite awhile now. It’s entirely possible to see the flashes of distant lightning and hear the echoing thunder over the cacophony of voices crying out about the daily news from the war in Iraq.

"There’s the possibility of a flu pandemic that could literally alter the state of human existence on the planet; the oil crisis may be asking people to choose between filling the tank and putting food on the table for a long time to come; the coming housing bubble may knock the pins out from under our “growing economy” as I read that housing here in the Lower Left Corner is now considered 50 percent overpriced; four senators - three Republicans and one Democrat - have just returned from Point Barrow, Alaska, and have publicly stated they now believe the Arctic is melting."

Gosh, he's good. He goes on to recall the time, when some rat fleas arrived in Europe bearing the Black Death. And, I was just hoping to get rid of the conservative majority.

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