Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Whiskey Bar: Elephant Trap

Whiskey Bar: Elephant Trap: "given where things stand now, if the Dems don't do well next year, either Shrub and company will have pulled off a miracle in Iraq, the economy will have entered supply-side heaven, or we'll know for certain that we're effectively living in a one-party state."

Yes, it certainly looks like the Perfect Storm is coming: Iraq War going south, the economy going south, scandals looming.

But, it is always possible that the Democrats are so weak -- and they (meaning the political leadership) is pretty damn weak -- and the Republicans so entrenched, that the Democrats will fail to win either house of Congress. A lot depends on gaining control of the Senate and/or House of Representatives. Without the investigative power of a Congressional committee, the Democrats have little hope of cracking open the rotting core of Republican malfeasance.

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