Saturday, August 6, 2005


Hullabaloo: "Honestly, this blind defense of Palmiero has little to do with loyalty. It's about Bush's faith based approach to everything. If he believes it, it must be true. He does not use reason to come to conclusions. He makes decisions based on feelings and beliefs and 'instinct.' In this case, his instinct is that Palmiero is a good guy and therefore could not have lied. His 'instinct' is that creationism makes sense and therefore, is as legitimate as evolution. His 'instinct' was that Saddam was a threat and therefore, we had to invade.

"We have a man with a child's mind running this country. Millions of us can see this as clearly as we can see his face on our television screens. People can call me an elitist and a snob for pointing this out but I will never stop. It's like telling me it's rude to notice that the sun came up this morning or that gravity exists. It is observable fact that this president is intellectually stunted. I'm not going to pretend otherwise so that certain people's feelings don't get hurt. I'll lose my mind. "

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